The First Crusade

European perspective

1. Jerusalem was important for the European because of they were true Christians who wanted to reclaim Jerusalem for their belief and kick out the Muslims out of the city (

2. The Europeans were at the crusade because they were told that if they go to the Crusade their sins would be forgiven and that if they die in the crusade they would go to Heaven because they were fighting for God (

3. The first crusade had an impact in medicine, food, household goods, ideas, economy and trade. The Muslims kept alive the medical knowledge of the Romans after they collapsed in the 476 A.D. The Muslim doctor, Avicenna, had written the ideas of great Roman and Greek doctors and added his ideas to them. For example, this book allowed Europeans to rediscover how blood circulated around the body. The Europeans brought back unusual exotic foods such as sugar, spices, dates, coffee, rice, and apricots. The Europeans also brought mirrors, cotton cloth, carpets, mattresses and shawls, writing paper, and wheelbarrows. Games like chess were also brought to Europe and Medival farmers were able to learn how to irrigate their fields in a better way.The First Regulation of currency was introduced because of the Crusade, so that when people took money abroad to buy goods they paid a fair amount of money for them and were not over charged. This meant that Trade in Europe and with countries of the middle east could grow and grow (

4. The Europeans thought that they were superior than all the others groups. They saw them as unholy. The Jews were consider traitors and murderers of God. They often shown together with a pig, which is an insult because Jews see pigs as unclean ( The Europeans and the Byzantine were allies, but their alliance was very weak which cause them to fight each other ( Many of those times the Pope excommunicated the knights that fought versus the Byzantines. The Muslims were seen as non-believers.

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