3 Great Things!

Three new resources each week to inform and energize your online teaching

Great Thing #1:

This Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers rubric will help you match teaching goals with the right Moodle Tool. For instance, which tools or resources work best for assessment? The rubric evaluates each tool or technology for its appropriateness in assessment. There is also an evaluation of each tool against Bloom's taxonomy; how does a tools (Lesson, Assignment, Glossary etc.) work for encouraging- remembering, understanding, application, analysis, evaluation and knowledge creation? Take a look at it here:


Great Thing #2:

We all want to encourage our online learners to be more productive and thorough, using Google Search in a focused and strategic manner can help students do that. And it can help faculty too! Try these Google search strategies and then pick and choose which ones are most helpful to your students. I'm fond of the Reverse Image search and Google Images search. See these strategies and more:


Great Thing # 3:

Tagxedo is a word cloud creator with applications for creating graphics for presentations. It's excellent for creating eye-catching introductions to new topics. Words can be added by insert links to various websites or entering the words directly into the text box. The most frequently used words pop up larger in the cloud. Font, shape and color are all adjustable allowing each cloud to convey more than just words. Take a look at Tagxedo and see what you can create.

Bonus Thing!

This issue of 3 Great Things! took only a few minutes to create at www.tackk.com Tackk makes creating and sharing content easy and fast. There's nothing to download and the interface is simple and intuitive. Tackk has applications for collecting and sharing links, resources, and pictures. There are a large variety of backgrounds and templates to make creating sharp presentations easy. Give it a try.

Questions? Comments?

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