Valani's Victoy

The town of Maidstone has been ruled by the Valani family for centuries past. This village has lived in ultimate peace for five centuries until the dreaded until the fire-nation attacked. This nation had been crippled by the downpour that the water-benders cursed the town of Farnborough, which is where the fire-nation resides. There used to be a lot of tension between the villages of Maidstone and Farnborough because there was a marriage that was arranged which entitled Anthony, the prince of Maidstone to marry Violetta, the princess of Farnborough. There was jealousy in the town of Farnborough because a warrior by the name of Arthur was expected to marry Violetta, but as an attempt to keep peace, the wedding was called off. Arthur went on a rampage and decided that if he could not have her, no one can, so as a fire bender, he set the entire village up in flames and framed Anthony. The villages men marched to Maidstone and completely leveled the village, although they had nothing to do with the disaster that took place in Farnborough. Once the water-benders of Sheerness heard of this outrageous outburst, they cursed not only Arthur, but the entire village of Farnborough until a daughter was born in the royal family. It took five centuries until one girl was born. When she was born, the curse was broken and the fire-nation had their power back. The fire-nation once again felt that the reason for the curse on their village was implemented by the people of Maidstone and began sending warnings of an attack. Thankfully, there had been an ancient agreement between the people of Maidstone and the water-benders of Sheerness that if the fire-benders were to ever seek revenge, the water-benders would be there to help defeat them.

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