The Tuskegee Study
BY: Brittney, Andrew, and Shaun

The Tuskegee Study was conducted in the years 1932-1972, in Macon County , Alabama. The Public Health Service conducted and funded this experiment where the got 399 black males with syphilis and 201 black males without, the purpose was to collect data about Syphilis. These men were chosen because they were easily manipulated and they were mostly illiterate. They were baited into joining the study by ads saying that the doctors were giving them free blood tests, but instead the doctors tested potential Syphilis remedies on the men to see if they worked to cure Syphilis. This study was controversial because of the fact that doctors swear the Hippocratic Oath to not harm anyone and to heal them; the Tuskegee study did the opposite of that, it only hurt the men who participated. After all of the suffering the men went through, no scientific breakthroughs were found. Our nations response was shock and terror, and the formal apology was given by Bill Clinton in 1995, 23 years after the study ended. This study was not the only study that was done on humans, there were studies on humans done in the Holocaust and many more places throughout time. The study  caused the National Research Act of 1974, which set basic principles for studies done using volunteers as test subjects.

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