Ferguson, Missouri

The Story of Michael Brown

Once upon a time, Ferguson, Missouri, it was the year 2014. I will never forget the traumatic events that happened here. August 09, 2014 it was a dark and hollow day, I could hear people yelling miles away from my apartment, sirens running throughout the city, stores getting broken into, and people getting hurt. I could see the FPD(Ferguson Police Department) with heavy machinery walking down the streets while people are terrified and scared. Many signs like, "Know Peace, Know Justice" or, "Don't Shoot!", and even, "I love Ferguson" caught my eye, while I'm walking down with my friend Michael by my side.

As were walking down the street, trying to get cigarettes and food, a cop stopped us in the middle of nowhere asking for our ID. I cooperated with the cop, but for Michael, he refused. Michael had a hatred for the cops for some reason, and started yelling at the cops. Without any warning or force of arrest, the cop just took out his weapon and shot him 12 times.

He was presumed dead on the spot. I looked at my friend in the eyes, shocked and devastated. I looked at the cop with confusion and upset. He didn't even wanted to bother looking at me, and starting to talk on his radio. I was scared and shooken for what happened. More police showed up, asked what happened, took my name, and left. I came home frightened and angry. I wanted to come up to them and rage. During his trial, as a witness I spoke about how Michael was unarmed at the time and about his constitutional rights. I mentioned about the 1st Amendment, his freedom of speech and the 14th Amendment and it's equal protection of laws. Apparently, the officers punishment was justified to get indited.

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