Magical Integers

By: Wes Privott & Eric Lysitt

Our numbers are .01 ; -9; 8; -1/4. Our comparisons are (-1/4<.01), (8>-9), (-9<-1/4), (8>.01), (-9<.01), (8>-1/4). From least to greatest, they go in this order: -9, -1-4, .01, 8.

The absolute value of our numbers are; |.01|,|-9|,|-1/4|, and |8|. Absolute value is the distance away from zero.

Addition: -4+8=4; -101+76=-25: Subtraction: -8-9=-17; 44-(-37)=81: Mul.: 5*-9=-45;-11*7=-77: Division: 8/-4=-2; 7/-2=-3.5.

Phil had two boxes of 64 t shirts. He gave away 74 t shirts. he gets one more box. Then gives away 12 more. How Manley t shirts does he have left? The answer is 106.

Bob has a loss of money in his account. The bad part is he already has -75$ in his account. So now how much would he have if the loss was $94? The answer is -169$.

Stan has 6 friends, he is buying them ice cream. But two canceled. Ice cream is one dollar a scoop, each friend wants two scoops. How much money will he have left if he has twenty dollars? The answer is $12.00.