Day 1 - 7/26/15

I woke up super early so I could ride the Sweet Corn Challenge in Richfield, OH. I managed to miss my group at the start and set out on the 50 miles on my own.

At the first rest stop I ran into a friend from the Cleveland Triathlon Club (CTC) and rode to the 1/2 way point when another friend caught up to us. I mention all this because they had numerous aide stations setup with cookies, pretzels, Gatorade and pickles. I ate several pickles and a Gatorade but had decided earlier that gels and the like would be exempt from my no sugar policy as long as I was working out longer than 1 hour.

The pickles most likely had some sugar and the Gatorade is essentially sugary water.  I rode my bike for 3.5 hours to complete the 50 mile challenge. It was very challenging to say the least and I needed everything I ate and drank.

The rest of the day was uneventful other than really wanting to eat the cinnamon rolls my Mom made me for my birthday. I didn't eat them and had some good quality food instead.