Sleep Apnea and Sleep Disruption in Obese patient

Authors: Alexandros N. Vgontzas, Tjiauw L. Tan, Edward O. Bixler, Louis F. Martin, Duane Shubert, Anthony Kales


*Obese patients compared with controls were sleepier during the day and their nighttime sleep was disturbed.

* The best clinical foresee of sleep apnea in the obese population were harsh of snoring, subjectively reported nightly breath breaks, and sleep attacks.

*While severely obese women the physician should include a thorough sleep in the clinical assessment.

* severely obese men are at extremely high risk for sleep apnea and should be routinely evaluated in the sleep laboratory for this condition.

* The aim of there study was to assess in the sleep laboratory wether obese patients without sleep apnea are sleepier during controls with normal weight.

Date it was published: August 8, 1994


In 1988 to 1991, 33.4 % of U.S adults 20 years or older were estimated to be overweight.

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