Captain John Smith

Carlie H.

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Captain John Smith was mostly known for his part in the discovery and settling of the New World and the first English settlement of Jamestown. Smith became involved with the first English expedition to the New World in December of 1606. In May of 1607, Captain John Smith helped establish the first settlement of Jamestown in Virginia. John Smith was also known for his marriage to the Native Indian cheif's daughter Pocahontas. His marriage with the cheif's daughter helped establish a peacful realationship with the Native Americans. John Smith was forced to leave in 1608 to look for better food resources, because of the lack of supplies in Jamestown. But the lack of food caused the Native Powatatan Indians to stop their trading with the colonists to cause the colonists to starve, this is when the first English and Native American war broke out. After the war in 1614 John Smith returned to the New World to map the land of Maine and Massachusetts and name it, New England. John Smith then returned to London to focus on the making and creating of the New colonies and the oppurtunties for America.

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