The Temperate Forest

Ila Cate, Jase, Owen, Tynasia, Ariyah

Why should I visit the Temperate Forest?

We think the Temperate Forest is a great place to go because you would see many different things such as plants and animals that you've never seen. Also, it might be a different environment from what you live in. There are also many fascinating facts and things here. We think you should go, have a good trip!

let me tell you about some cool animals

Solenodons make their homes in bushy areas in forests. During the daytime they seek refuge in caves, burrows, or hollowed out logs. They are animals that are scared easily and will therefore fly into rages of biting and screaming without warning their habitat is at an island Their diets consist largely of insects, earthworms, and other invertebrates, but they also eat vertebrate and perhaps even some living vertebrate prey, such as small reptiles or amphibians.They have also been known to feed on fruits, roots, and vegetables. Based on observation of the solenodon in captivity, they have only been known to drink while bathing. Solenodons have a relatively unspecialised, and almost complete dentition.

What's the weather like in the temperate forest?
The best time to go to the Temperate forest is when it is warm and sunny so you don't have to worry about the snow. Snow can be dangerous because it covers traps and the ponds are iced over, but in the summer the surroundings are pretty and you don't have to watch where you step.

What are the seasonal changes in the Temperate Forest?
The seasonal change in the Temperate Forest is there are warm winters and long summers. Seasonal change climates of a season of a certain place.

Come to the temprate forest and check our the awesome plants!

Plants have been I existence since an very very long time there are more than 315000 known species botany also called plant sciences or plant biology I'm the 19th and 20th centuries new techniques were developed for the study of plants including methods of binomial system of Carl Linnaeus this days modern botany is a broad multidisciplinary subject with input from most other areas of science and technology.

During your visit To the temperate Forest You should

Camping in the temperate deciduous Forest is particularly enjoyable because it is usually warm enough to sleep comfortably in a tent. In addition, the temperate diffrence between night ,and day, when not at altitude, is not very significant, meaning it is possible to be comfortable during the day and stay by the fire at night. Because of the low hanging branches, it is easy to suspend bear proof boxes with your provision in a nearby tree.

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