financial literacy

by: Janiyah Montogmery
     If you want to have a career you have to find  out what is your income for example : I am a pilot my income is 82,000 to get my income and total taxes i subtract 82,000 by 15% (.15) then my income was 69,700 then my total taxes was 12,300 to get my monthly income i divide 69,700 by 12 which is a month and i got 5808.33.
      I had to save at least .10% of my income so i took my income 5808.33 times 10 and i got 580.83
      . i need to put 580.80 month in my savings account.
      . after 6 months, i will have 3484.8 in my savings.
      . after 1 year, i will have 41817.6 in my savings.

to find my car payment, insurance,and gas i had to take my income 5808.33 times .15 and i got 871.25 the car i pick wasnt really a car it was a motorcycle the car payment was 172/month my insurance was 65 and my gas was 70 i pick the motorcycle because it was cheaper and i would have some money left for saving.
to get my monthly housing payment + thye utilities i times my income by .35% and got 2,032.9155 for month housing budget.
there was a apartment average utilities was 120/month
the small house was 300/month, and large house was 370/month. i pick the small house instead of the apartment because it would have some space and its a reasonable cost i didt pick the large house because it wasnt for me and i dont need that much space.

seasoning 24.99                 pickles 2.48
cereal 8.48 (pack)               oxy clean 7.56
eggs 12.99                          baked beans 3.48
onions 2.98                         toothpaste 5.00
patotes 4.47                         toothbrush 4.06 (pack)
groundbeef 4.68                    toilet paper 5.74
poptrats 3.50                      apples 4.87
vegie oil 2.28                        bananas 97
yougrt 5.98                           butter 5.48
cheese 4.28                           salad 2.98
bread 2.50                          plates 6.27
ham 2.98                            sugar 2,32
turkey 3.98                          flour 2.48
water 3.98                            kewi 87
milk 2.47                             trash bags 6.50
green beans 3.28                   paper towels 8.68
mushrooms 3.98

i think project was fun but you had to work hard also i think this was important because it will help you when you grow up to become a adult and you have already experiance it as a kid.