Interior Designer

who Do I Report to?

You will be reporting to the head of the company. If you do exceptionally well at your job, you could eventually make your way up to an executive position.

Job Purpose

Interior design is an all around profession that includes someone who manages and coordiates projects based on the customer's needs. Combining listening skills and knowledge with a creative vision in mind, you will work with a variety of customers to design areas that meet the expectations and needs of the people using the space. Excelling at this job requires hardwork, patience, energy, and dedication.


  • Work with clients to renovate or decorate their desired space and meet their standards
  • Draw up floor plans and sketches
  • Read an interpret blueprints
  • Plan and estimate budgets for projects
  • Negotiate prices
  • Select samples which inlude flooring, carpet, and paint
  • Use computers to create drawings
  • Supervise decorating of a room
  • Hang drapes and artwork
  • Arrange furniture
  • Coordinate work schedules
  • Follow up with client to ensure design specifications have been met


In order to succeed at this job, you need to be...

  • Well organized
  • Imaginative
  • Artistic
  • Skilled in the business field
  • A good listener
  • Comfortable working with many kinds of people
  • Good with time management
  • Social
  • An experienced artist
  • Good in the technology field

You also need to have a four year bachelor's degree. If you are interested in a long term career in interior design, training will take an additional two to four years.

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