Infants Development Needs
0-12 Months

By: PraiseGod, Omar, Iris, and Ileena

Emotional Needs

  • Infants from 0-12 months are to be loved by the people around them.
  • Show your love by playing games, such as “Peek-a-boo!”
  • By showing a good, strong, and positive relationship with the infants you make them develop trust and compassion from right to wrong.
  • Calm when  people comfort them by feeding and cuddled them with love.
  • Parents can meet their emotional needs by being with a functional relationship with families and friend. They can also Include, Secure, and Respected the infants to feel like home.
  • Meet emotional needs by being comforted by a familiar adult, sucking their fingers or legs, or observing their hands, even show it by laughing out loud or being quiet when getting picked up.
  • Smile and giggle when they want something and when they want something less they cry.
  • Parents can also show their love when they make eye contact with the infants to show that they are there such as like feeding time.


Physical Needs

- a newborns first movements would be for the parent to make sure the keep the arms and legs free to move, support the head when you hold them, and hold him/her over your shoulder when you walk

the first 2 months it is good to give the baby their feet to play with, move their legs back and forth, and clap their hands and arms together

- From 3-5 months it is good to support the back when they sit on your lap,  Put me them on your tummy to exercise and play when they are awake, and hold things in front of me so I can reach for them.

-In the early stages of the babies physical development they will begin to grab things so it is good to provide the baby with a rattle or a safe toy, where he/she won't point themselves or swallow/choke on the toy.

-From six to nine months the baby will begin to crawl, grab anything, throw things around and try to walk. It is best to lower the mattress in your babies bed so they can pull themselves up.

-Your baby will begin to want to eat whatever you are it so instead you can give him/her small chunks of bananas, little pieces of fruits, cereal and things like that.


Social Needs

  • Social development of infant is what happens when she or he responds to human faces and voices. They may learn to smile back at you when you hold them or they may even begin babbling as if trying to speak to you. Social development affects how infant play with other childrens and adults as they grow. There are 7 ways you can encourage infant social development.
  • There are 7 ways you can encourage your baby social development:                   
  1. Smile and talk to your baby - describe your day to day activities and tasks.
  2. Touch you baby often such as play with arms and legs.
  3. Encourage acceptance and approval by often making eye contact.
  4. Involved dad by letting him hold, talk and play with your baby.
  5. Carry your baby when she or he reaches out with her or his arms.
  6. Encourage and boost confidence by making a fuss over little thins your baby accomplish. Example, "where is your hand?" or "put your feet here".
  7. Encourage self discovery by letting her or him in front of a mirror. infant enjoy to watch and talk to the mirror image.

Mental Needs

Infants need a lot of things mentally such as lots of love from the family, affection, high self esteem, self confidence, very very safe surroundings. Once they hit the middle age of infants they should already start crawling, learning how to eat solids, speak a little more, and maybe even start walking on their own. They should also be getting lots of sleep in a peaceful and quiet place.

1. The baby should always be getting lots of rest no matter what the situation is, never ever stop a baby from sleeping or going to sleep.

2. Infant should always be getting fed only from mothers' breasts or baby formula, unless otherwise informed by doctor.

3. Never try to make a baby mad or tease them, they'll brag and nag until they actually get it.

4. Baby should be getting regular check ups and getting all immunizations when first born and stay updated.

5. Don't ever argue or fight in front of the baby, they will be scared and always will remember it no matter how small they are.

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