Irena Sendler By Evan Barnes


My book is about a girl named Irena Sendler. She was born in Otwock Poland, on Feb 15, 1910 and she died in Warsaw Poland, on May 12, 2008. She was a nurse before the holocaust came and temporarily took over Poland. She saved over 2,500 children of all religions and forged over 3,500 documents for families of all religion. She was a major part of stopping Zyklon B which was a code name for when the holocaust Her dad died when she was eleven and her mom died when she was 30. She has two children 1 boy and 1 girl, Adam Zgrzembski and Janina Zgrzembski. She was captured by the holocaust and her group of rebels had to bribe the driver to swing the car to hard around the turn so she would be flung into a back alley where her friends were waiting. Overall Irena Sendler was and interesting person who was good at many thing and could arguably be one of the best polish people in history.

Paragraph Child Hood and Family:

Irena Sendler's father died when she was 11. Her father caught an unknown disease from helping the people in poverty. Her mom was Janina krzyzanowski and her father was Stanislaw krzyzanowski. She has 2 kids 1 boy and 1 girl. Her son was Adam zgrzembski, her daughter was Janina zgrzembski.

She was born in Warsaw Poland.

It came from you tube. It is a primary sources because it is a documentary of her when she was still alive. It relates to my person because it is a documentary on her.

Irena Sendler was a Nurse

Career, Accomplishments ETC:

Irena Sendler had many accomplishments. At a younger age she was a successful nurse. Her nursing ended when the Holocaust came. She saved over 3,500 children, and forged over 5,000 documents. She was able to do this because her friend owned a church, the front of the church was in the Warsaw Ghetto and the back was part of one of the holocaust fort. Around the gates/entrances to the freight yard they were so heavily guarded that if a needle dropped they would be able to hear you. They were able to do this by putting highly sensitive microphone around every door, and every alley.

Quote- "If you see a man drowning you must try to save him even if you cannot swim." -Irena Sendler

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