Ms. Lowe's Newsletter

May 23rd 2014

Our 5th Grade Graduates!


Tuesday- 5th Grade Picnic

Parents, please make sure to check your e-mail the morning of the picnic! There are chances of rain periodically throughout the week. If it happens to be raining on Tuesday we will move the picnic in the gym. You will receive an e-mail from myself or the school notifying you of any changes.

Should the weather be ideal you may meet us at the Pavillion in the Village, which is south of Liberty Oaks. You can also walk with our class as we all walk over there.

Field Day Fun!

As we finished our last full week of school we spent some time reviewing concepts and assessing our previous knowledge. We went over a variety of concepts, such as; line graphs, ordered pairs and determining rates of change. It was exciting to show the students their growth in these areas. It was also a great time to clear up any misconceptions we had. We have achieved great things this year because of our consistent hard work! I am so proud!!


Go Germany!!


We received our argumentative letters back from Mrs. Slaughter this week! And as promised she read through each and every student's letter! She provided them some terrific feedback and challenging questions to answer. We will continue writing our essays next week! I'm excited to see our writing improve and grow!


We took our final performance series tests this week! It was so exciting to show all of the students how much they have grown over the course of this year! I was very impressed by our results! To provide the students a brain break we also continued to read from our class read aloud book, The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. I would encourage you to challenge your children to continue to read the series over the summer!

Social Studies

The conclusion of the epic Civil War! Reconstruction and the 13th-15th Amendments that were passed at that time!  We had students create presentations and quizzes. We had partners do an investigation on key terms from the text. And we had some test practice. We concluded our unit with a test. The students did a fantastic job! Next week we will do some investigations into life after the Civil War. This should get them excited for all they will be learning in 6th grade!!

Unwinding after our Graduation Breakfast!

Dear Parents,

I just want to thank you for everything you have done! I couldn't have asked for a better class!! I love each and every one of your kids, and it has been an honor teaching them! It is going to be very hard to see them walk down that hallway for the last time. But I know they are going to have bright futures and I can't wait to hear all about it! Please feel free to contact me at any time. I would love to hear updates from the kids! And thank you again! You have also been the best set of parents a teacher could ask for!!

Shawna Lowe