Pablo Picasso

The Great American Artist

Pablo Picasso was a legendary sculptor, painter, ceramist, etc. Picasso's talents developed at a young age when his father Don Jose, an instructor at the local school of Fine Arts and Crafts, began drawing with his son. Soon after, Picasso was declared a child prodigy by his artistic father. His first popular painting called "The First Communion" was published in 1896 at the age of 15. Picasso's artistic periods each had significance, such as his Classical period in his early career which were strictly portraits and his famously known Blue period (1901-1904) caused by the suicides of his friends. From 1904-1906, Picasso presented what was known as his Rose Period in which he used colors such as oranges and reds and his works mostly included circus entertainers. Picasso was also known for his paintings exhibiting cubism, where artists analyzed their subjects in terms of shapes and used neutral colors to bring them to life, and surrealism. Throughout his life, Picasso had multiple significant others which inspired many of his works. His relationships were cut short by affairs, suicides, and premature deaths.

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