Emily Dickinson
By:Sara Batt

Emily Dickinson was born on December 10, 1830 and grew up on

Emily received a good education which wasn't uncommon in Amherst. She attended Amherst district school, she had attended Amherst district school before she went to Amherst Academy for seven years. After the academy Emily entered Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, but only stayed for a year.

Though Emily Dickinson is known as one of the greatest English Poets in history, Emily's poems weren't published while she was alive, but after she was dead. Emily's sister found Emily's poems hidden after Emily had died and decided to have them published. Emily Dickinson did other things besides writing poetry. She wrote letters to her friends and family and spent time reading books. Some even said that she loved to bake and cook along with spending time outside and taking walks in the garden with her dog, Carlo.

I chose these poems because when I read them I felt that I could relate or would like to relate to them some how. The first poem "If I could stop a heart from breaking" I chose because it talks about how we can make our lives worth living and not go to waste. I chose the second poem because it kind of blew my mind about how we live in the gray and the between.

The scansion and meter for the first poem is iambic tetrameter and so is the second poem.

The theme of the first poem is about not living for yourself, but for others. In the poem it says "if I can stop one heart from breaking I shall not live in vain" and it continues to talk about easing ones suffering and helping others too and making your life worth living.

The theme of the second of poem is eternity and immortality. In the poem is says "Tis Kingdom afterward they say in perfect pause less Monarchy" and this quote is talking about what immortality is supposed to look like according to christian belief along with the rest of stanza two.

The first poem can be connected to the poem that we once read called "the lonesome dream". Both the first first poem and the lonesome dream are about a dream, the may be different dreams but the narrator in the first poem dreams of not living her life in vain the narrator in the lonesome dream has the dream of living the American dream.

The second poem can be connected to the poem "because I could not stop for Death" and both poem were written by Emily Dickinson. Both of her poems incorporates the theme of immortality.

The poems that I chose have the characteristics of American Romanticism and Realism by incorporating feelings and nature into Emily Dickinson's poems.

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