Who I Am Following On Twitter for...

This is a link to a list that is created and being updated by colleagues in the Masters of Education program at UOIT:



@Alex_Corbitt - he posts awesome teaching ideas!

@PaulHamilton8 - shares awesome tech/iPad ideas!

@sylviaduckworth - shares phenomenal learning ideas with tech!

@dan007blanchard - love his idea about coaching others and sharing wisdom!

"@CollectiveEvol - everything you'd ever want in the field of mindfulness" (Thanks to @

@newageteacher - Please see the picture below of the awesome books that are in this incredible teacher's classroom! She is an awesome teacher who lives the practice of Mindfulness and has a passion for teaching students the priceless wisdom from various Hayhouse authors.

https://twitter.com/MrKamrowski @MrKamrowski: see his blog for awesome ideas like creating an e-book with google slides!

Personal Development

@_Brian_Johnson - one of the best and most passionate learners and teachers in the field of self/personal development!

@hghalvorson - uses research and science to back up her teachings about being successful.

@JackCanfield  - a great human being, who has a lot of wisdom to share!

@bobproctorLIVE - a living legend in the field of self-development.

@_robin_sharma - an amazing individual with brilliant ideas on how to improve our lives.

@DARRENHARDY - amazing individual with a passion to mentor others to be successful. Loved his book the compound effect, here are the big ideas that landed with me:  http://wp.me/paRIr-oM

Big Ideas


Health & Fitness