Learning to Teach
Day 1: The First Day

For student teaching we are told that apart of our experience is to write a reflection to each of our lessons. As suggested by my host teacher, we decided to do this reflection in a different way, blogging. Now I am not much of a blogger so we will see how this progresses as I learn more about what I am doing. Which is very much like the way I view my students, and I am excited to see how they progress.

The first lesson that I ever taught that I wrote from start to finish was exhilarating and frightening at the same time. I had no idea how everything would go over, and at first it was like I was just doing what someone else told me to do, even though I was reading off my plan I had gone over so many times before.

The first part of the day started out with giving the students candy, knew that would get them excited. Even from passing out the candy, which was the first contact I had with my students I could already tell what type of class I will have. My first is timid and quite, but they are the early morning class. The second period I have is right before lunch so they are a bit chatty but still controlled. My last period class is the last period of the day, and a handful. I was surprised that even now right away I can tell what class was which.

The second part of the day was taking a pre-assessment that would help me modify and differentiated the classes to where students could. Most of the student that took it did better than I thought. However, it is to be expected since the class is an elective, so that means that student who are interested in the topic take it. You also get the student that take this class because it was the only thing in there schedule, or they thought it was an easy a (which it is not). Then after that student had to make a name tag that incorporated them drawing or representing things they like to do in their free time, grade, and the best way they learn. This was to not only just ease into the first day, but help me to get to know them as a teacher.

My reflection on this day is that it went better than I thought. I was not sure if any of what I was doing would go over well with the 10-12 grade span that I would be teaching. I knew that certain things I had plan, such as icebreakers and other little projects, would not go over well with a higher secondary education level. Some of the activities I planed would be great for middle school, but I was certainly not teaching middle schoolers (even though they might act like them). So I plan to make those adjustments as I go on. One thing that I'll definitely do is be planed ahead and know what I'm going to do next.

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