J.K. Rowling

By: Bri M.

Why she's a role model

She's a role model for many reasons. One reason she's a role model is because she fufilled her dream of being a writer. She had wanted to be a writer since she was 6 years old! She also never gave up. About 20 years ago she went through a time of struggle when her daughter and her moved to live closer to Rowling's sister. Rowling had just divorced, lost her mother, and had no job. She started writing books called "Harry Potter". She had developed the idea earlier on in a train and she says that the moment her mother died she started writing the books. She would write in a cafe called Nicolson's Cafe all day and after she was done with the first book, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", she sent it to twelve different publishing houses and all of them rejected her. That didn't stop her. She didn't give up. Two years later her first book was published and today she's richer than the Queen.

Early life

Rowling was born on July 31, 1965 in England. She was six when she first knew that she wanted to be a writer. She says that she wanted to be a writer from the moment that she knew what they were. She even wrote short books when she was young.


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