Useful tools for e-learning

Some good in-class tools to try out

Have you tried Great to use for quizzes and language work - you need to use a projector or smartboard with this. The free version can be downloaded from Moodle :)

Kahoot is another great idea for interactive class activities to get learners really focused and engaged. Have a go!

Use word clouds to make your introductions / summaries of lessons more engaging. They can also be a great way for learners to show their work in an imaginative way. Try Wordle or Tagxedo.

Ideas for out of class / blended learning

All of these tools can be used in class/college to encourage learners to work collaboratively and to share ideas. They are also great for accessing work out of class and to encourage independent learning. and Padlet both act like 'virtual sticky notes'. Choose a topic and get learners to add their comments/ideas/photos etc. It's great to look at the results afterwards and a lot less messy than real post-it notes.

Edmodo can be used as an alternative to the VLE or to complement it. It works really well for lower level learners as it is so clear and easy to use. It's also easy for tutors to navigate and set up quizzes/assignments/badges etc. Highly recommended!

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