About The Cheetah

Dustin Soderquist 4/15/2014, Computer 7

                                                  Did You Know?                                                                     Cheetahs make facial expressions using the bold black lines around its muzzle to signal its mood.

        Cheetahs prime country is Savannah grassland and semi-desert. Cheetahs have the spine that is so flexible it lets it run fast enough to catch its prey. In fact, if it didn't have such a flexible spine, it would not be here today.

        Cheetahs also breed all year round. When a female and male meet, they only mate then separate, leaving the female to take care of the cubs. When born, the cubs are very small. This is so because the mother would not be able to hunt if she carried them longer. They are blind and helpless when first born for about 11 days, but once their eyes are open the mother moves them den to den every few days to reduce risk of predators like lions.

        The behavior of Cheetahs are very different from female and male. The male usually hunts with all males, mostly brothers of the same litter. They mark their territory with urine to let others know its owned. Females stay out of the fights and spends about 20 months looking after her litter.

About the Cheetah's spine.

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