by javier a,danile s,ashley a

sparta is a cruel city

Sparta begain as a small village. Spatra if you live there they take boys at age 7 and take them to millitary school.They were beteen.Sparta women would be able to go were ever they want with out there husbands permission.The people of the millitary school would teach them how to steal and get away with it.The women ran business.The women had freedom.The people of sparta are firec wariors,capable wariors.The men and women  would fight.There goverement is oligarchy wich is the people were ruled by a smll group.The sparta men would not live with their familes.The men lived in soldiers brackes.There patron god is artemis and ares.The goal of educuation is to become a strong warior.The girls went to school to they learned how to fight ,they were given little food.Spartas wariors are legendary.If you we betten you were not aloud to cry or scream or anything.the people were encured to steal fod.The sparta people were firce.Well that is all for sparta.