Jay Cho Tackk Project

Act2, Lord Montague, Jay Cho, per 8

Today, Romeo looks really happy. He didn’t cam back to home last night, so I made Mercutio and other people to find romeo, but they didn’t find him. When I really worry about Romeo, he came back to home. I was pretty mad at him, so I tried to rebuke him but I couldn’t Because he looks so happy. I was curious why he looks so happy. Therefore I asked him why and the answer was little bit surprise. He told me he loves somebody and the person who he love also loves him. I think it is really good for him. Suddenly, I was really curious about the person that Romeo loves. Therefore, I asked romeo to know about his loves, but he didn’t answer to me. What of it? I just happy to romeo’s love have succeeded. The one thing that I want Romeo is that do not love Capulet people.

There is a father(priest), and he is also give medicine to citizen and treat them. Today, I met him, because I got some bruise when I fought with Capulet. His name is Friar Lawrence, and I heard really good information from him that the person who Romeo loves is nice woman. Today, I was really happy that Romeo find his love!

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