Spheros Tackk 2-How Mass Affects an Object's Motion

Using your Sphero you are going to do the following experiment.

1.  Mark the beginning and end of the distance of 300 centimeters on the floor.

2.  Using your timer on your iPad see how long it takes your Sphero to go from the beginning to the end.  Make sure your Sphero is lined up behind the starting line, and to not stop the timer until it is past the end point.  Record in Notability in a note labeled "How mass affects an objects motion".

3.  Now its time to let your creative juices flow!  Using the LEGO pieces create a chariot that will be pulled by your Sphero.  Once you are done with the chariot, repeat step #2 timing again how long it took from start to finish.  Record this answer in Notability.

4.  Answer the following question in Notability:  How was your time affected when you added the chariot to your Sphero?  Why do you think this happened?