Character Photo Essay

Angela Kiang

My setting would be on an airplane. I'm an adventurous and courageous person that loves to take risks. The thing I love to do the most is travel and experience different cultures. I tend to hate sticking to daily routines and doing the same boring thing everyday, which is why I enjoy traveling to new places and doing something different and fun each time. I'm hoping that in the future I will be able to travel the world and make the best out of every vacation.

I want the world to see me as a fun spirited person that's surrounded by many loved ones. I want others to know that there's not a day goes by that I don't laugh and enjoy being with my friends. Also, I hope that other people know that if they ever need someone to talk to or just someone to joke around with, they can always come to me. I get along well with many people I meet and I hope the world see's me as a very caring and an easy person to talk to.

I see myself as a very lively and cheerful person. I love to make my friends smile and laugh every single day. I always try to see the positives in a negative situation and create a very uplifting atmosphere around everyone. I am also a very forgiving person because I find that there's no point in letting a grudge hold myself back from being happy. I am always content with how my life is because I know that I'm blessed with amazing friends and family in my life, and I just love filling people's hearts with happiness and peace.

Angela is the kind of person that you know you can always rely on. She spends so much time trying to ensure that her friends are content, and can always be trusted with anything. She can be a little crazy sometimes but always means well. Her easy going and good-natured spirit makes it easy to befriend her, along with the fact that she is so caring. Hard work and extreme talent let's her become successful in mostly everything she does, and it's easy to see that she has a bright future. All in all, if I could only use three worlds to describe her, I would use these: Amicable, spirited, and enthusiastic.

Something that symbolizes my character well is a sunflower. A sunflower typically symbolizes warmth and happiness. I tend to be a very happy person a majority of the time and I love to fill other's with warmth and comfort if they are in need of it. Another way it resembles me is because I always try to brighten other people's day and fill their day with laughter.

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