Light Bulb- Thomas Edison

Alexander Grahman Bell

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876. This had a huge impact on our lives because it would promote wealth, employment, & improved communications. The telephone also influenced a generation that has a strong sense to listen to spoken words rather than to read or write.

Thomas Edison
Light bulb

The impact of Edison's lightbulb was significant in the history of electricty. Before this invention people used gas & candles for light, the creation of the lightbulb made the source of light more efficient and with improvements to the light bulb it became even more common & efficient.

Christopher Latham Sholes- Typewriter 18
Type Writer

The type writer revolutionized buisness. It sped up life and typewriter allowed for more efficiency in shorthand. This invention became commonly used amoung secrataries from all over and increased communications. The typewriter made it less nessacarry for men to advance their careers so many secritaries were just women and they offered training to help females learn how to use the type writer better

The wright brothers

The invetion of the airplane had a huge effect on society. This invention made more people able to travel far distances in a short period of time. It also caused America to become much closer with other countries and without this

Charles & Frank Duryea- Gasoline powered automobile 1893

This invention impacted the world big time, mostly in a negative way. The gas causes smoke to blow out the back which is very bad for the enviroment and created alot of polution. however, it made transportation for people more quicker and effient.

The impact of the first camera was that it became a new form of art, and it became a sign of wealth. The camera was very expensive and not many could buy it, but this invention has been motified over the years and now barely costs anything to snap a photo and is more efficent and portable.

Elijah mccoy Automatic lubricator for steam engines- 1872

The Automatic lubricator impact was that it improved efficencty and eliminated the stopping of the train to lubricate the train. This happening reduced the train stopping and allowed passengers to get from one destination to another destination had a quicker rate.

Thomas edison phonogragh- 1877

The phonograph had a big impact.  It was dared to believe that a dead persons speech could come back.  It was thought that when a person died, all things verbal went with them, lost forever.  Well the phonograph made it so that you, could basically, record their voice.

Lewis latimer- carbon filament for lightbulbs- 1882

The impact of the Carbon filament for light bulbs made light bulbs last longer. Latimer devised a way of encasing the filament within an cardboard envelope which prevented the carbon from breaking and it provided a much longer lasting lightbulb, also it made them cheaper. It also made electricity go world wide.

Josephine cochron automatic dishwasher- 1886

The impact of the automatic dishwasher was that it made conditions more sanitary because it would thoroughly wash the dishes getting rid of all of the bacteria. It also made so you could wash more dishes at once and was the first model of a dish washer which throughout generations upgraded and became more efficient.

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