By: Nate F. #kettner #tech21

Some of my skills I have that most people know are that I love football #footballslife and I do wrestling and basketball but I also do winter training in the off-season because I need to become a better athlete and teammate so I can become the best as I can be in the long run.  #FlylikeAduckhitliketruck

Two of my most treasured possessions I have are my we the people trust bike and my Kona stinky downhill bike that I spent almost all my money from working out at my dad’s co-workers farm which was really hard work but it paid off in the long run because I ended up buying two great bikes that I love and will never get rid of in my whole entire life because I worked way too hard to just go and sell them both and make myself just look really stupid and i would love to get sponsored by monster energy. #Bikingislife

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