The Iron Horse

All about the influence of the railroad

In the year 1828 the railroad appeared. This helped to change the nation as a whole. In the beginning there were some rough spots. Not everyone agreed that the railroads were a good idea. Mainly because of the problems that occur within the railroad. There were little things that made the pioneers not very fond of the railroads. Things like brake problems and getting people to where they needed to go.

Andrew Jackson:

To help the transportation aspect of the nation out, the railroads were created. They were a faster way to get around. In 1833, Andrew Jackson decided to take a ride on the railroad. He had never been on a train before, but was willing to give it a shot. He gave the railroad it's official stamp, this was also the first time a president had gotten on a railroad. After this, in 1830-1840's, the railroads boomed with popularity. It was the way of transportation and by 1860 it had become a track of over 30,000. Andrew Jackson helped the new innovation spread and develop across America.

Quiz Questions:

1. Early railroads were considered to be

a) Slow and cheap.

b) Great Transportation.

c) Flammable.

d) A dangerous public menace.

e) made of steel.

2. All of the following are true about the 1st railroad except

a) Fast and cheaper.

b) Reliable from the start.

c) It appeared int he U.S in 1828.

d) Seven transfers between Philadelphia and Charleston.

e) Significant contribution tot he development of the economy.

Primary Source:

New Developments:

During the 19th century there were many technological and entrepreneurial innovations, such as steamboats, trains, and other transportation. The first company to begin real operations was Baltimore and Ohio. There a thirteen-mile length of track was created. It was pulled by a team of horses. By the 1830's there still wasn't a true railroad system. Most of the railroad systems tried to connect water routes to each other, but not to link one railroad to another. Schedules were off track and wrecks were very frequent. Steam locomotives became more flexible and powerful in the 1830's and 1840's.

I chose this primary source because it gave a lot of information that I didn't know. It helped me to better understand what I was reading in the book. One of the main things I liked about this primary source was it's detail in the information it gave to me. Another reason why I chose this is that it went deeper into the information and it explained things clearly when i didn't understand them.


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