Can You Guess the Season

Emily C.

Have you ever wanted to run outside a jump
into a big, fluffy pile of leaves? Well that’s what my favorite time of year is
all about. I love this because it is not only flawless weather but it is also
the perfect time for a big thanksgiving dinner with all of your friends and
family! The sight of orange, red and yellow leaves falling of the big and bold
trees is very pretty to me! What I smell is fresh crunch leaves outside and a
nice, warm pumpkin pie inside!

I feel great when this time of year comes
because school just started and it feels weird to get away from that warm, warm
weather. Whenever I’m outside, I can hear kids playing and my toes getting
tickled when the crunchy leaves hit my feet. I feel sad when I have to go
inside for dinner but I am also glad that I can eat. I love whenever the leaves
crunch on my bike tires when I ride my bike around the block. It feels great
when the wind is blowing in my hair.

I love this season because, one, i love seeing all of the scary costumes,
two, its hot and cold outside, and three, thanksgiving! Can you guess what
season I’m talking about?