England's best and most loyal explorer

This is my Indivudual and Societies project for Mrs. Hershberger

In 1599, I, Adhvikaa of England, petition to get money to explore for your majesty, King Henry IV of England. I vow to look for land to claim, woolen products, silk and spices when I explore. Also, I will look for tobacco so that we could sell it to other countries and earn money. I will look for gold and diamonds so that the crown bestowed upon your head is filled with plenty of jewels and so that we have a better economy than those of other lands. In order to get these items, I will travel to the west coast of the "New World" since no one would travel there, therefore giving me more resources and more land to claim without people intruding. I know that France and Spain are also exploring the "New World", and they are also looking for silk and spices. If people started creating conflict with me, I will try to talk with them peacefully and find a way to make both the sides happy, but if they start threatening the kingdom, I will go into war with them. Since I expect to run into disease I will take doctors to heal the people. I also expect to run into starvation, so I will take fishermen and cooks to fish and cook meals for us. Lastly, I expect to run into sea monsters, therefore I will get better maps as to avoid them. So, I, Adhvikaa of England, petition to get  money to explore the "New World" for you.

Above, the "New World" is depicted.

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