Zoe Bysal

In our form of economy, people have the economic freedom to make  choices based on their own individual preferences. The image shows how different consumers make  different choices. Notice how vanilla and chocolate are the most popular individual  flavors in the chart. Regardless of the amount of flavors an ice cream store sells or how odd they are, pretty much every ice cream shop sells vanilla and chocolate, because they are commonly liked by the public, and therefore there is a demand for them.

The popularity of products among consumers is what drives production in businesses and companies. For example, the many i-products (iPod, iPod touch, iPad, iPhone etc.)

and their generations are the result of high demand among consumers who are willing to buy all the products.

Capitalism includes competition between businesses who offer the same or similar services. They use marketinig and lowering their prices to draw in customers , which benefits the consumer.

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