Les Crêpes

By: Mia Chung

Crepes are available throughout France, but it actually originated in Bretagne or Brittany. Brittany is located in the northwest region of France.

There are many different kinds of crepes, but usually people tend to order or make the sweet rather than savory. You can put whatever you like inside the thin and delicious pancake! I prefer Nutella, Strawberries, Whip Cream, and Powdered Sugar. I make crepes all the time for family and friends. They are such a delicious treat, plus you only need six ingredients to achieve making crepes!

Le Ingrédients!

- De la Farine

- Des Oeufs

- Du Sel

- Du Beurre

- Du Lait

- De L'eau

- Du Sucre

- De La Vanille (Optionnel)

Je n'aime pas de champignons!


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Below is a recording of 3 friends sharing their favorite meal for lunch.

How To Make Crepes!

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