Joan E. Miller

Always in Our Hearts

Love Always,

She was an aunt. A mother. A friend. And a sister. Joan was one that always stood out from the crowd. She was intelligent, forward, and always wanted things done her way. She was opinionated (to say the least), but this was just a characteristic of her true inner strength.

Joan was my great aunt. I lived with her for many years, and I can tell you that I formed a relationship with her unlike any other I've ever had. I could tell her things that I knew she would keep a secret, and I knew she always had my back. Recently, as I was fishing through boxes looking for just the right photo to use for this memorial, I found countless birthday and holiday cards from her all reading "To my wonderful niece". As I went through and read each one, it struck me just how much Aunt Joan was a part of my life. I found photos of us together, a ton of old coffee mugs (because she once told me that coffee was "liquid gold"), small gifts she had given to me through the years, and about a million trinkets from Hallmark. Everywhere I look, I see her and it reminds me of how much I loved everything about from the good to the bad.

What I may remember most about Aunt Joan is how much she loved her sister, Audrey. Audrey is my Mom-Mom. I grew up watching Joan and Audrey grow old together. To me, they had the truest sister relationship... viciously fighting one minute, laughing and hugging the next. What I'll remember the most is how much they cared about one another. When one needed to do laundry, go to the store, or just grab a sandwich, she always asked the other if she needed those things, too. They'd spend hours watching their favorite shows together and playing Dr. Mario only to stop for a coffee and cake break. Whether they knew it or not, they were each other's backbones. They were best friends and worst enemies. They fought and loved until the very end. I don't have a sister, but if I did, I'd want to have exactly what Joan and Audrey had. You couldn't find more love between sisters even if you tried.

Now, we all know Joan could be quirky and stubborn, but we also know that she had the ability to love with all of her heart. And, no matter what came between us, we still loved her with all of our hearts.

Love Always,

I just wanted to say a few things about Our Aunt Joan. She has and always will be a part of our lives. A few things that stick out in my mind are Christmases, she was always there video taping the great memories and the embrassing ones as well. Our trips to Denny's were always entertaining to say the least. No elbows on the table. I must have been told that about a million times, but thanks to her I don't do it anymore and when I do I ALWAYS think of her. :) Things may have changed in the last couple years, but one thing is always true: we were family and nothing or NO ONE can ever change that. I feel a sense of calmness knowing you are in a better place hanging out with Pop-Pop and Lil Bobby. RIP

Love Always,

Our Dear Aunt Joan, I will always hold dear my summers in New Jersey visiting my mom-mom and Aunt Joan, I too will also remember Denny Dinners and keeping the elbows off the table , walking with your hands out of your pockets , no running up and down the stairs which Jeannine , I and Kelly got caught doing on numerous occasions. I will love my outings to the Hallmark store to get Swedish fish and Aunt Joan and Mom-Mom taking Jeannine and I down to the shore as a surprise one summer what an adventure that was always making sure we were on our best behavior with Aunt Joan. One particular evening that sticks out to me is that Aunt Joan and Mom-Mom , Jeannine and I wanted to give Aunt Joan and mom-mom hair and make overs while watching the summer Olympics they let us out Barrett's hair ties in their hair the whole nine yards that was a fun night. Aunt Joan had even took the time to fly down for my high school graduation . There will always be a special place in my heart for Aunt Joan

Love Always,

"I'm gonna start out by saying I'm sorry you were alone when you passed..

Aunt Joan and I have a long history, some great, some not so much. Starting from my childhood, I'm not gonna say I was her favorite (but I was). Aunt Joan was a very kind-hearted person, but could be, for lack of better words, something else at times. She always took me under her wing and did so much for me through the years. She sponsered me for my confirmation (still have the engraved bracelet she bought me), and listened and understood me when I thought no one did.

We spent hours on the wildwood beach starting at 6am with her new toy..the metal detector. We thought we were gonna get rich, but all we detected were beer tabs. Then we would go to Aunt Tessie's for a bite to eat. She used to pick me up and take me to work at Dunkin Donuts (and make fun of my uniform). She was very proud to call me her niece. I went to Tina's hallmark and helped her put cards up for whatever occasion. Oh at one time she was my roomie (that was fun at 16). She made me tell her where my cigs were...and not to smoke out of the bedroom window. (You'll burn the house down, she said).

Well as time went on. I was pregnant with my Kelly Anne. She treated Mike and I so well. (As did my Mom and Dad) But she was so excited... She went and bought a video camera so she could take pics of Kelly while growing up. Then years went by and Mike, Kelly, and I moved in with Aunt Joan. 13 years went by and here we are..I could go on and on but, I won't.

I Love you Aunt Joan and wish that things could have been much better for you...I did the best that I knew how...

R.I.P. Love Sally

P.S. Thank you for all that you have done for my family and everyone else. You will never be forgotten.....

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