Joann Baney - Experienced Educational Executive

Joann Baney is an associate professor with the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs. She has also taught courses in the MBA program and with the Graduate School of Public Health and Speech Department. Joann Baney additionally holds a faculty position with the New York Police Department’s Police Management Institute and is faculty director of the New York Fire Department’s Officers Management Institute.

As the vice president and a cofounder of the Professional Development Company, Professor Baney provides senior executives with communications consulting services and undertakes tailored training programs for corporations such as The Wall Street Transcript and State Farm Insurance. Professor Baney also teaches a number of executive programs for other clients, including the King Khalid Foundation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Externado University in Bogota, Colombia. Her professional experience encompasses a variety of additional schools, such as the University of North Carolina’s Graduate Business School. A thought leader in her field, Joann Baney authored the book Guide to Interpersonal Communications.

Developing an Effective Audience-Tailored Presentation

A respected New York entrepreneur, Joann Baney is a cofounder of communications training firm Professional Development Company, Inc. Joann Baney trains corporate leaders on developing effective training programs and communication skills.

The first step to an effective presentation is to study up on the audience and tailor materials to the audience’s specific interests and concerns. Speakers should take time to conduct basic research by sending e-mail questionnaires to individuals who will attend the event.

In cases where there is little preparation time or no existing contact base, be sure to engage with audience members throughout the talk. Questions that feel out people on what they already know about the topic are invaluable, not only in breaking the ice and engaging audience members, but also in providing an essential gauge on what exactly to cover.

Another effective technique of building audience engagement involves explaining the practical benefits of what you are going to present. This creates anticipation and helps provide structure to what may be a complex talk.