Saturday, August 22nd, 5pm

Niagara Falls State Park, New York


Hotel Information

Recommended: Quality Hotel & Suites At the Falls


240 1st St

Niagara Falls, NY

(716) 282-1212

Wedding guests receive the 15%-discounted rate for their entire stay (holidays excluded) at The Quality Hotel & Suites. They should also book their room using the
hotel's online reservation system by going to

Directions from 1-90 (N.Y. State Thruway) to The Falls Wedding Chapel

1. Take exit 50 off 1-90, the New York State Thruway, which leads you
to 1-290 West. There are signs which indicate this is the way to
Niagara Falls.

2. After 12 minutes, bear RIGHT to get on I-190 North, following the
sign to Niagara Falls. Just after you get on I-290 North, you’ll pay a
$1.00 toll and cross a bridge. After about 5 minutes, you’ll get on a
second bridge. Stay in the RIGHT lane on this second bridge, and at
the bottom of the bridge, take Exit 21 and bear hard RIGHT as you
follow the sign that says “R. Moses Parkway.”

3. After bearing hard RIGHT you’ll be on the Robert Moses Parkway (two
lanes in each direction). After 5 minutes, bear slightly LEFT as you
follow the sign that says “New York State Park/American Falls”.

4. Past the sign that says “New York State Park/American Falls,” take
the SECOND exit to the RIGHT. Once you take the exit, go straight up
to the Stop sign (do not bend to the right).

5. At the Stop sign, as a landmark, look ahead to your right and
you’ll see an old English restaurant the Red Coach Inn. Go STRAIGHT,
with the Red Coach Inn on your right. In just a block the road (Main
St.) will bend to the right and you’ll be at a Stop sign facing
Rainbow Boulevard South.

6. Turn RIGHT on Rainbow Boulevard South, and then almost immediately
LEFT into our parking lot, which is marked with a large sign for The
Quality Hotel & Suites and a sign below it for The Falls Wedding
Chapel. The Falls Wedding Chapel toll-free number is 1-888-311-8697,
and our standard number is 716-285-5570. The hotel switchboard number
is 716-282-1212.

Reception will be held at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute at 6:30 pm


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