Joaquim Sebastiao 

Versatile Entrepreneur Based in Angola

About Joaquim Sebastiao 

A partner with several companies in Angola, veteran businessman Joaquim Sebastiao brings diverse industry experience to his work, along with a demonstrated commitment to the development and promotion of his country’s economy. Among his more recent ventures, Joaquim Sebastiao began a partnership with JS Jacob SGPS SA, a multifaceted company that buys and sells materials, parts, and machinery for use in the construction industry; provides various services to manage and complete public works and civil engineering projects; and maintains involvement in agribusiness, logistics, energy, health care, education, and other sectors.

Aside from his work at JS Jacob, Joaquim Sebastiao holds a partnership with Soimob-Building Society Limited, with its leaders having a wide range of interests in imports and exports, transportation, fisheries and agro-livestock, manufacturing, and real estate, including development, acquisitions, sales, and property management. Joaquim Sebastiao also is a partner with building materials manufacturer Afroblocos Limited and was elected president of the Angolan professional soccer team, Sport Luanda e Benfica.

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