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A quick recap on the last 4 weeks


It has been an exciting first month at Jobly. We have seen excellent growth and interest over the past 4 weeks and this is continuing to grow.
I'm writing to quckly let you know some of the changes and new products coming out in the next several weeks:

  • Our iPhone app is ready and will be on the App Store by next week!
  • We have extended our 'first job free' offer to 'all jobs free' and this will continue to be the case for the whole of 2014. This is part of our genuine commitment in becoming the number one niche job site for Christians.
  • We are brining out a whole range of services aimed at job seekers such as resume reviews and professional resume writing at great prices.

Lastly i want to mention that we now have a dedicated small team who will actively monitor relevant organisations and where there are new jobs going, they will personally add those jobs onto Jobly, free of charge!

If you currently advertise elsewhere such as "SEEK" feel free to continue to do so until you start seeing Jobly deliver more and more of your quality candidates.

The excellent and intended benefit of Jobly is that your job will be seen by relevant job seekers, rather than by 'everyone' in Australia. This will save you as well as the job seeker time and it just makes sense.

If you have any issues with us displaying your jobs on our website please do let us know. Our goal is to create a niche website for meaninful employment, and we hope you can be part of that goal.

Kind Regards,

Igor & the Jobly team :)

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