Joby Schraier - Taste of the Carolinas

Joby Schraier’s drive through North Carolina was where he got his first genuine taste of the South. It was at a barbeque stand right outside of Nags Head, and he had grown an appetite after spending a few hours on the road. He wanted to get a true barbeque tour from a region of the country that was known for it, so he made sure to skip breakfast that morning. Instead, he supplemented it with extra servings of pulled pork and ribs.                                                                                                               

With a full belly, Joby Schraier continued on down the Outer Banks and explored Hatteras. Hatteras was once a large island off the coast that was destroyed by repeated hurricanes and eventually turned into a chain of islands. It is a hotspot for fisherman and surfers alike, who both reap benefits from what the Atlantic coast has to offer in that region. Frisco, which is at the southernmost point of Hatteras, is also a popular camping spot where people can drive on the beach. Joby Schraier made sure to bring a Jeep Wrangler for this trip, so that he could have a fun drive in the sand dunes.

Still full from his barbeque feast the day before, Joby Schraier woke up and knew that he still had to try some of the fresh fish that is caught right off the coast. So he worked up an appetite by renting a surfboard and giving the sport his first ever shot. He opted out for the lesson, which he learned very quickly was a mistake. Needless to say, he gained lots of respect for surfers that day, and ended his North Carolina trip on a good note, with some fresh rockfish and crab cakes.

Joby Schraier

Joby Schraier - In Texas

Joby Schraier has had many adventures all across the country, and when he went through Texas he had tried to encompass all that he could and get as much as possible out of his experience in a state so large that it more than doubles the size of most US states. It was a tough undertaking; but through visiting the areas of San Antonio, Houston and Austin he felt he covered a great deal of ground and gained much from every place he visited.

His first stop was in Houston, which was all about going to another NFL game. This time, the Houston Texans were the home team, who were just gaining momentum after gaining their new name. He had a blast at the Texans game, and for the first time got to see an NFL team win at their home game.

After that, Joby Schraier went to Austin to check out the area’s booming music and arts scene. He discovered new artists and musicians that he liked, and even went to a few shows. Upon leaving, he had a new collection of CDs and paintings to bring home.

Joby Schraier’s time in San Antonio was all about the beef brisket. As Texas’ BBQ staple, beef brisket is smoked for hours and then smothered with tangy homemade BBQ sauce. He ate as much as he possibly could before realizing that there were people participating in an eating contest next door that had already consumed over 40lb of meat each; and he was ultimately humbled.

Joby Schraier

Joby Schraier - Utah

Utah is a playground for adults, and Joby Schraier had never expected it. But when he drove through the state, he was blown away at all the incredible opportunities for outdoor activity that the area has become a hotspot for.

His first stop was in Salt Lake City. It was the beginning of April, and there were still plenty of snow in the mountains. SLC has multiple ski resorts within a thirty minute drive, so Joby Schraier got out and tried to hit as many as he could. He went to Brighton first, and was blown away by the champagne powder as well as the complex terrain that is a staple of Utah resorts.

After Brighton, his thirst for fun skiing had yet to be fully satisfied; so he then went to Park City and enjoyed the many resorts in that area. He really enjoyed Canyons, and found that to be one of the best places he has ever skied, period.

Joby Schraier’s last stop In Utah was perhaps his most memorable. He went to Moab; and had made sure to prepare accordingly. He brought rock climbing gear, a tent for camping, a few jugs of water and packed it all into his Jeep Wrangler, which was to be his paintbrush for the rugged landscape. He went down a number of trails without getting stuck, and he took several pictures of all the breathtaking Mars-like rock structures that decorate Moab’s unique appearance. To this day, I was one of the coolest trips he has ever been on.

Joby Schraier

Maximizing Business Profits - Product Research

Every business owner dreams of having that company with huge profit margins that far outweigh the costs of production or service. Unfortunately, this is something that is often easier said than done, as businesses thrive and die on the thin line of profits versus cost of operations. That is why even the most marginal change towards the positive can help turn the tides and give you that business that you have always wanted. One of the best ways to maximize profits for your business is to do adequate and thorough research on the product that you are producing, or the items that are necessary for your service.

Whether it be ingredients for a bar or restaurant, or mechanisms for a factory, there are always more than one option as to the source of these things. That is why it is so important to study the marketplace, looking for cheaper and higher quality resources and products that will affect the bottom-line of your business’s profits. If you are willing to put in the work and do the research, you will find that a better alternative to your current method often exists.

If you cannot find a better or cheaper product in order to save your budget and push your cost to profit margins over that barrier, consider doing something unorthodox or out of the box. For instance, if you need a special drink mix for your bar in order to make certain drinks, but simply cannot find a quality product with a reasonable price, perhaps it is time to make the mix on site at your bar. This is often cheaper and yields more high-quality results.

Joby Schraier is a professional business consultant who says there is nearly always a better way to get resources for a business.

Joby Schraier

Joby Schraier - Certified Pre-Owned Process

If you're planning on buying a used vehicle, then you will want to consider buying a certified pre-owned vehicle before buying from a private owner. Driving a certified pre-owned vehicle means you're taken care of on the road and off the road. Certified pre-owned vehicles we'll have a maximum mileage care Warranty including a limited powertrain warranty in a lifetime certified upgrade plan.

Anything less would be uncivilized. If you're shopping for a used car, you only want to choose dealerships that offer a 125-point inspection which means they have put the vehicle to test with the rigorous 125-point inspection. This inspection includes qualification standards, mechanical standards, ownership materials, maintenance standards, details and appearance standards.

You should always inquire about a Carfax vehicle history report which documents of the vehicles clear of any prior title obligations. A Carfax vehicle history report will also help you avoid buying a used car with DMV-reported incidents such as flood damage, fire, salvage title, odometer problems or lemon law history.

Only the best dealerships offer roadside coverage that includes 24-hour signing go flat tire service, gas delivery, battery jump assistance and more importantly lockout service. Let's face it, sometimes we are forgetful, and being locked out of your car on a cold night is no fun. Also, if you happen to have car problems and need to have your car serviced, then most certified pre-owned offers will include car rental allowance.

Joby Schraier prides himself on the ability to put together loans for his customers while working with many different banks to offer the best comprehensive loans and financing options. He has been in the automotive management and finance management industry for nearly 20 years.

Joby Schraier

Royal Gate Dodge

The Royal Gate family of dealerships has locations in Columbia IL. and Ellisville Missouri. Royal Gate prides on creating a car buying experience that is easy and exciting. Also, not only does the dealer offer car sales, they offer several different services such as car repair services, auto parts sales and car loan and lease financing.

This dealership prides on customer satisfaction as well as several dealer amenities and quality experience. They primarily focus on Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram new and used vehicles. The dealership has an excellent selection of new and used cars with a great online inventory available as well. Royal Gate welcomes you to come and test drive any model available at the Missouri or Columbia IL., location

Royal Gate also boasts one of the most convenient car dealer websites. The website allows you to research features, compare vehicles, read expert reviews, request dealer quotes, Price compare, schedule test drive, value your trade-in or calculate car payments. Also, you can lease or finance a car loan while finding great deals and internet-only specials, Incentives and offers.

Joby Schraier is a 38-year-old Director of Finance from St. Louis, Missouri working in the automotive and finance management industry. Joby Schraier is currently the director of finance for Royal Gate Dodge, and handles arranging the best terms of financing for customers. He is tasked with the co-approval and recommendation to higher level lenders requested beyond the authority levels established. He is in charge of ensuring that all necessary documentation and statements for assigned dealers is obtained on a timely basis, and each dealer line is approved through the Dealer Review process annually.

Joby Schraier

Maximizing Business Profits - Analyzing the Marketplace

Business can be a very tricky field, as it is filled with many nuances and subtle details that sets it apart from so many other industries. Business can be especially difficult for the small business owner, because the climate and world of business is often a volatile, fast-moving, and unforgiving one that will leave the lesser in a state of disarray and disaster. While being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart, there are a few tips and tricks to the trade that can give you an edge over the more complacent businessman who is not willing to put in the extra work.

One of the common oversights of a business owner is that they do not take the proper time to study and invest in the analysis of the specific marketplace of their business. What that means is that they don’t put in the time, money, and energy in order to find out the general information about a population or area that is often vital to a business’s success. The amount of data you can abstract from a marketplace is dizzying, and all of it can be helpful for a business. This includes knowing the average income level of people in the area, the general thought process and focuses of the community, what the city needs versus what it wants.

Studying the trends and stories of the marketplace are the best way to be able to anticipate their needs, allowing the savvy business owner to cash in by providing the service in the highest quality and quantity before anyone else even knew that it would be needed. That is why the best and most successful business owners are the ones who thoroughly analyze and are able to interpret the marketplace properly.

Joby Schraier is a business consultant who always utilizes marketplace analysis strategies.

Joby Schraier

Joby Schraier - Devise a Car Buying Strategy

Joby Schraier is an individual who knows more than his fair share about car buying. He started out in the automotive business nearly twenty years ago, and he continues to build on his successes. At the present time, he is the finance director for a Dodge dealership that is situated just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Over the years that he has been in the business, he has seen many changes, and technology has been at the core of the evolution. Of course, there have been steady advances in automotive engineering, and this is part of the equation. Plus, the Internet has had a huge impact on the automotive industry in numerous ways. Without question, access to information on the Internet has been beneficial to car buyers, because there is a great deal of information out there.

If you are going to be buying a new car, you should plan ahead and give yourself enough time to go through certain practical steps so that you can be sure you are making the right decision. The Internet can be your greatest asset when you are going through the process. At first, you have to determine the class of car that you are going to focus on. This can be a difficult choice to make, because there are so many possibilities. Do you want a car that has a lot of power, or is fuel efficiency more important to you? Are you a family person who is going to be transporting your children, or are you a single person who would like to project a certain type of image?

Once you settle on the general class of car that you are going to be looking for, you should gain an understanding of your budgetary limits. As you are doing this, you would do well to gain an understanding of your credit score if you have not already done so. If you have especially good credit, you will pay a lower interest rate when you obtain a car or truck loan. A finance manager like Joby Schraier can find lenders that offer very low interest rates for people who have excellent credit. This is something that would factor into your buying power when you are setting a budget.

After you determine the type of car that you want and you know how much you can spend, you can roll up your sleeves and start to do your research in earnest. There are numerous different highly respected entities that rate new and used cars objectively. These would include Edmunds, J.D. Power, Car and Driver, and Consumer Reports. Once you narrow it down to a single gem that is a perfect fit, you can go down to the dealership and discuss financing with a professional like Joby Schraier.

Joby Schraier

Joby Schraier - Limit Credit Card Spending

Joby Schraier has spent his professional career in the automotive business. He has held positions in automotive management, and he is currently a finance director. A person in his field is going to be well versed in credit matters, and we should all recognize the importance of our credit ratings. Far too many people make credit mistakes early on, and they have a hard time recovering when the consequences start to take a toll.

It is certainly tempting to buy things on credit, and when you are young, you may not be particularly wise when it comes to your spending habits. When you find out that you are able to obtain credit, you may spend above and beyond your means. A lot of people go forward with the idea that they can buy expensive things and they can just pay the monthly minimum payments. As finance professionals like Joby Schraier know, this type of thinking can spiral out of control. As your debt goes up, that minimum monthly payment will increase as well. Most of what you pay may be paying the interest alone, so the principal debt never goes down.

If you are in this type of situation, you can do the right thing. You can choose to put on the brakes, put away the card, and pay more than the monthly minimum each month so that you can get the debt down. Unfortunately, many people choose another option. They get more credit cards, they continue their reckless spending patterns, and the problem gets worse.

Automotive finance professionals like Joby Schraier often have to turn down applicants because of bad credit that was caused by poor decision making. If you protect your credit score and act responsibly, you won't have to walk out of the dealership empty handed if you ever want to buy a car.

Joby Schraier - Learning Is Ongoing

Joby Schraier has a great deal of experience as an automotive finance manager. He started out in the business almost two decades ago, and he is currently the finance director for a dealership near St. Louis, Missouri. When you have been in a management position for a very long time within a certain industry, you may start to get comfortable. You can proceed with the understanding that you already know everything that there is to know. In many if not most cases, this is a recipe for disaster.

Things are always changing within any industry, and this has always been true. If you are not ready, willing and able to evolve, you may be left behind at some point in time. This is especially relevant during our current era. Computer technology has changed the playing field, and it continues to advance by leaps and bounds. Plus, there are other forms of technology that impact industries. When you are in the automotive finance field like Joby Schraier, there are new financial products that are introduced as time goes on. To stay relevant, you have to be willing to obtain fresh knowledge. Some people make a concerted effort to learn something new each and every day.

When it comes to the value of ongoing learning, Joby Schraier has a particular advantage that he has earned through dedication and hard work. He is a first degree black belt in taekwondo, so he has committed himself to ever increasing levels of expertise. This may be one of the reasons why he is always eager to keep up with emerging trends in his chosen professional field of endeavor.

Joby Schraier

Joby Schraier - Patience Is Key

Joby Schraier has been in the automotive industry for many years. He has risen to the post of Director of Finance for Royal Gate Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Ellisville, Missouri, which is right outside of St. Louis. He has facilitated financing for countless customers, and he has had many conversations about intelligent car buying and the importance of patience. When you are thinking about a car purchase, you are making a very big decision. To use an analogy, it can be like standing at the edge of a pool before you dive into chilly water. It's hard to take the plunge, so you may choose to go for it all at once. This mentality is understandable, but it is something that you should try to avoid.

If you go to a finance manager like Joby Schraier to get a car loan, you may be looking at a five or six year commitment. A significant portion of your budget will go toward the car payments, so you should make a measured, well informed decision. You should do your research in advance and evaluate the marketplace. There may be interesting models out there that you never would have considered if you did not look into the current slate of offerings.

Once you identify the cars that are on your short list, you should definitely go to dealerships to take test drives. Dealership representatives like Joby Schraier want people to make intelligent, informed decisions. Their salespeople are more than willing to accommodate discerning shoppers. When you exercise patience and do all of your homework, you can be certain that the car that you purchase is the right vehicle for you.

Joby Schraier and the Importance of Consulting

Consulting is part of the successful career of Joby Schraier. In his time, he has worked in different companies across various industries, giving him much knowledge and insight. Companies rely on their employees, and the value they bring, in order to better function as a whole. Talent is often found in teams that the company has. The lack of utilization of this talent can be extremely detrimental to the entire company. This means that occasionally, outside expertise and help is needed in order for a company to fully utilize the resources it has in an efficient manner.

Essentially consultation provides this service. With the addition of outside help, there can be extra expertise added to the effort. There is a big advantage to this. Some managers and company executives might bristle at the idea of requiring help from an outside source to solve their problem. This excessive pride can lead to serious problems and short-sightedness. Having another perspective come from looking from the outside can add invaluable ideas that others looking from within might not have seen otherwise. This is especially important to remember for companies that have had the same leadership and ideas for some time.

Schraier has provided this type of consulting before, as his experience shows. He can say that working for varied companies in different industries has given him great insight into what different solutions are required for this type of work. Another aspect of outside consulting that helps companies is helping them to realize that not only is talent being unrecognized in their company, but that also the way they do things may be detrimental to their goals. This requires the consulter be capable of effectively and compassionately communication with the business they are helping.

Convincing companies that there is a better way to accomplish their goals than the way they are currently doing can be tricky. Some companies may be open to change, while others might be more resistant. This requires the consulter to be careful, yet firm with their client in telling them this. Schraier has run into different company cultures in his career, and some were more open to changes in structure and strategy than others. His excellent track record in helping various companies in different industries shows that he is quite capable of performing this role perfectly.

Joby Schraier has had years of experience in dealing with companies of varying degrees of resistance. As the provider of the paid service, the consultant has a trickier job than many may realize. Not only must they be good at seeing the best course of action a company must take, but also having the foresight to suggest a viable strategy for vastly different situations.

Joby Schraier

Joby Schraier on favorite fishing spots in Missouri

A family man, Joby Schraier loves the outdoors. Fishing is a favorite hobby that he enjoys with his family and friends. There are lots of fishing holes in his native Missouri. Looking at the State Parks, a lot of history can be learned along with catching trout, catfish, crappie or big mouthed bass.

For trout, try Montauk State Park. Rainbow and brown trout are plentiful in the Current River. Catch and release fishing is available year round. Schraier is a beginner angler. The challenge with casting and selecting flies makes this hobby quite fulfilling. Lake Wappapello is where he goes to catch bass or crappie. This park has cabins that can be rented when he wants a weekend getaway from the city.

For a real blend of fishing and history, he favors Lewis and Clark State Park. The lake described in those explorers’ journal as covered with geese and ducks is home to catfish and carp. There are lots of picnic areas and hiking trails so the family can make a day of it. Gosling Lake Trail was discovered by the park’s namesakes. This is a great location for bird watching.

Joby Schraier loves to drive to the various fishing spots around his home state. If the fish are not biting, he can practice his martial arts katas or Tai Chi. The outdoors is his favorite practice location. Although he loves his career, he knows that work is not everything. Life is a balancing act between responsibility and unstructured fun.

Joby Schraier