Wonder Presentation by: Jocelyn

Character's Tie to the Theme

I think my character Oli(via) learned from her part of the story through lonliness and love. I think this, because till she was 14 she was lonly because her parents had August and he was diffrent they had no idea that via was there most of the time.  Then she acually reached out to her mom and told her about how she felt her whole life. Finaly she was apart of the family again. She had love again. Thats what i think.

Character Inflences

I think that August impact via the most. I think that because he was born and via's parents focused on August more and via had know one to talk to after grans died. August and his parents never talked to via so no one talked to her. I think Via impact August, because she never really talked to him cause she wasnt close to him like she used to be.  Their relationship was very important because it told us how they became closer and closer through life and when they didn't have anyone but each other.

This painting represents oli(via). I chose this painting, because you can see though part of this girl and she looked empty inside. Via was empty insied because no one cared about her no one talked to her she was all alone. An example from this text why she was lonly is when she was yonger and grans died and her parents were more focused on August than Via, so she had no one to have or to hold. she learned that being lonly can be really tough when you have no one in your life to talk to. Thats why i choose this painting for via.