Intro To Law

Litigation and law is a fundamental part of mankind that has been integral to their existence since their inception. Law is both a philosophy and a social construct that has been created in order to govern and control populations to exhibit a sort of moral fairness in the world. Now whether or not this fairness is accurately represented by the law is another matter entirely. There are many instances in human history where law has been inadequate at this task, a result of human flaws that are inevitable in any system. For instance, laws are supposed to be crafted based upon the collective opinions and needs of the masses. Unfortunately, the idea and the actual function of law make a disparity exist, because we need elected representatives and officials to get the ball rolling in Congress on a new law. If these officials didn’t exist, forging laws would be a muddled and mad thing, a chaotic scramble to get everybody’s voice heard.

The quality of law is often determined by the integrity of public officials as well as the common populous. This is why we have other laws already established in an attempt to preserve this integrity, such as laws that deal with precedence and ones that forbid the merger of state and church, as well as the free market and government. This is to prevent people from “purchasing power” by getting their legislation passed by paying for it. Unfortunately this still occurs, just not in the same overt way it would if the practice was legal in America.

Jody Gabel is a professional trial and business lawyer who has been in the field for over twenty years now, but still has much to learn in the way of law.

Networking Tips for Lawyers

Many lawyers are known for having a mentality that they have to solely win their case, to be the lone wolf or hero who gets the job done. The reality of the matter is that many of the greatest lawyers are constantly reaching out for help in a vast majority of their casework. What these lawyers excel in is not just law and oration itself, but in reaching out to others, in utilizing the power of networking. As the internet has shown us time and time again, networking is one of the most powerful tools that can exist, divided we fall, united we stand. This concept is best understood when you examine a cable closely. A cable is constructed of many different individual strands that all come together to create one large one. Individually, these strands are easily snapped and broken, almost without a second thought. Joined together however, these strands make up a cable that is capable of holding up thousands of pounds with effortless ease. This concept applies to litigation as well, as the more heads you have examining a case, the more angles you are likely to see, and ultimately the better job you are going to do.

Networking well is a matter of time and concentrated effort. A good lawyer will make it a point to reach out to other professionals, whether it be via the internet or in person. Establishing a reliable network of talented professionals is the key to doing well yourself. This is because not only do you learn from your own research, but the research of everyone in your network as well.

Jody Gavel is a professional business and trial lawyer who strongly believes in the power of networking amongst other professionals in the field.

Swimming Benefits

Swimming is often one of those forgotten sports, as it is often seen only as a recreational activity, mostly for children. This could not be further from the truth however, as swimming is not just for recreation, but for exercise as well as healthy competition. Swimming is actually one of the most comprehensive and effective exercises that exist today. If you have ever heard of the expression a ‘swimmer’s body,’ than you know what I mean. The reason that swimmers typically have such leaned and toned bodies is because in order to swim fast and efficiently your body must work every single muscle, while simultaneously staying aerodynamic and keeping off unnecessary weight. By staying lean and tone a swimmer gives themselves the best chance to excel in a race. Swimming is not only one of the greatest exercises for your body, but also a great way to clear your mind and enjoy yourself for a few hours. Away from the sport of it, many people submerge themselves in water as a form of meditation, an escape from sights and sounds. This suspension and silence allows for people to more easily transcend into a relaxed and controlled state. This is in part attributed to your body being as conservative as it can with oxygen while submerged, invoking a relaxed and aware state.

Swimming isn’t just a great way to stay in shape, but a great way to meditate and mediate stressors that you feel during the day. The swimming pool is also a great place for children to play and unwind, expending energy in a productive and healthy way.

Jody Gabel is a lawyer and health enthusiast who enjoys swimming as a means of relaxation as well as exercise, things that aren’t mutually exclusive.