Joe Armato - SafeDriver

Joe Armato is the founder and president of Nationwide Contracting and Consulting, rebuilding and repairing properties around New York City damaged by fire and other calamities for the past 27 years. Recently Armato has expanded his dealings into real estate development and investment, adding value to properties for New York’s elite in Manhattan and the Hamptons.

Joe Armato is also a proud supporter of many charities centered in the New York area and around the world. One of these charities is the SafeDriver program sponsored by the National Auto Sports Association, of which Armato is a member. The SafeDriver program provides teens with the resources they need to become safe drivers one day. As a car enthusiast, Armato recognizes the benefits of a generation of young drivers who are practiced in the rules of the road.

SafeDriver employs a cadre of excellent driving instructors, each having completed a certified Instructor Training School course at one of the nationally sanctioned High Performance Driver Education and spent hundreds of hours in the car with student drivers, guiding them through the basics of safe driving. The instructors also teach students the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics, advanced driving skills, and race craft.

Not only do students leave these SafeDriver classes with the basic tools to drive safely from point A to point B, they leave armed with the skills to drive safe every day in complicated situations and basic knowledge of how their cars work and how to take care of them. Through SafeDriver, Armato says, teens are getting the best instruction of the best skills from the best teachers.