Joe Armetta

Joe Armetta - Branding through Storytelling and Social Media

Joe Armetta is a longtime marketing executive with a passion for storytelling and connecting target audiences in organic, narrative-based ways. He has experience in developing campaigns utilizing a full range of channels, including television, billboards, digital media, radio, and word-of-mouth. As Mirrored Media’s head of marketing, Joe Armetta guides the Santa Monica, California, company that develops transformational campaigns linking musicians with premier brands. Among his accomplishments was creating a well-received Crave Online party held on the deck of the museum aircraft carrier USS Midway. This event was selected and featured by Rolling Stone magazine as one if the top events of the year.

Prior to taking his current position, Joseph Armetta led The Access Agency, LLC, as chief marketing officer. He focused on globally known brands and celebrities and drove consumer participation in untapped urban, media-savvy markets. Through a “club within the club" program, his firm reached fitness-focused individuals and made it easy for them to connect. Armetta also has an executive background with Entrago and engaged with partners such as Paris Hilton and Chris Brown in managing the launch of a trend-focused social and traditional media platform.