Joltin' Joe DiMaggio

                                                       By Adam Takas

Why Joe DiMaggio is Famous

Joe DiMaggio is a very famous person for many reasons including his record hitting streak for the New York Yankees. Joe DiMaggio was one of the greatest players for all of baseball while he played for the New York Yankees during The Great Depression and WWII. He set the record for most consecutive hits which was 56 games. It started May 15, 1941 and ended July 17, 1941 and that record is still the modern day best. He was also famous for being married to Marilyn Monroe who was a very famous actress. Then she suddenly died in 1962. Joe DiMaggio sent flowers to her crypt three times a week every week for the next twenty years. Joe DiMaggio was a very well known and loved by lots and was a great role model for everyone.

Joltin' Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio was born with the name Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio jr. in Martinez, California on November 25, 1914. When Joe DiMaggio was a little boy he sold newspapers and helped his dad with fishing. But he mainly cared about one thing though, baseball. His dad on the other hand cared about his fishing business and wanted Joe to be a fisherman too. Joe dropped out of school and stopped working on the boat for his dad and decided to play baseball. He got so good that when he was 17 he played for the San Francisco Seals, a minor league. His dad was upset because he still needed help on the boat. He got so good that the New York Yankees in 1934 offered him $25,000. Once his dad saw how much money he was bringing in he changed his mind about his son being a baseball player. His first hit ever was an RBI double and he would get many more hits and records. In his Rookie season he hit 29 home runs,125 RBI’s, and a .323 batting average. During his career he had a 56 game hitting streak which was another record that he set. Later in his life he married a famous actor Marilyn Monroe. Joe DiMaggio died on March 8, 1999.

Joe’s DiMaggio’s Childhood

Joe was born to immigrant parents from Isola delle Femmine, Italy in who moved in 1898, whose names were Giuseppe and Rosalie in an Italian community in San Francisco on November 25, 1914. He was the fourth of five boys and eight of nine children. His dad owned a fishing business which has been owned by his ancestors for a long time. Joe hated his dad’s fishing business. Since Joe didn’t help with the business his dad insulted him and told him that he was good for nothing. He loved to play baseball so instead of doing chores he played baseball. When Joe was fourteen he lost his interest in baseball and started selling newspapers. Once Joe saw that his brother Vince making money from playing baseball he got his interest in baseball again. Vince tried to convince his dad to let Joe play baseball instead of making him fish. Vince then got Joe a spot on the San Francisco Seals. His brother Dominic and Vince also went to the Major Leagues also.

Joe DiMaggio was born in Martinez, California, United States of America

Primary Source Explanation

This is Joe DiMaggio’s stats throughout his career. The reason why I chose this primary source is because it shows his stats during his career. He broke many records like the all time hitting record (56 games). Joe DiMaggio’s stats was so good that he was inducted into the hall of fame in 1955. On the chart it shows that in between 1943-1945 he did not play, the reason why is he served in the Army for the U.S. during World War II.

Secondary Source

Joe DiMaggio’s Career Successes and Challenges

Joe DiMaggio was a very successful man who played baseball for the New York Yankees. But Joe also had some challenges and problems including his marriages. Joe DiMaggio was one of the greatest baseball players ever to play with multiple records and championships. Joe DiMaggio won three American League MVP awards, nine World Series, had a fifty-six game consecutive hit streak in 1941, and was on the American League All Star Team from 1936-1942 and 1946-1951. Joe was married twice and divorced both times, first to Dorthy Arnold then to Marylin Monroe. He still met with Monroe regularly untill she commited suicide in 1962 which Joe arranged her funeral and had flowers sent to her grave three times a week. Joe stopped getting flowers delivered after twenty years when he was retired. Joe did have some challenge but he was a great player and person and had many successes also.

Interesting Facts

  • Dom and Vince DiMaggio, Joe’s brothers, also played in the Major Leagues too.
  • During Joe’s 56 game consecutive hit streak he struck out only five times.
  • Joe was the first player ever in the MLB to be payed over $100,000.
  • Joe helped establish that coffee makers were a standard in American homes.

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