10 Healthy tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

Eat Fiber- Fiber is essential and important to your health, make sure to try to eat plenty of it, but not too much.

Exercise- Make sure to be active and moving every day.

No Fatty!- Do not eat fatty or oily food. They will make you overweight and they are not good at all for your body

Eat Bright!- Eat bright colored foods, most of them are really helpful for your body ( That doesn't mean colorful candy).

Lots of Sleep- Get plenty of sleep, so your body can get plenty of rest and you will not wake up tired and grumpy.

Always eat breakfast- Breakfast is extremely important and vital to your day, it gets you started off right and ready for the day.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables-  Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables they are really important to your health and keep you going strong for the day. They also have plenty of vitamins and other healthy things.

Avoid trigger foods- Trigger food are unhealthy for you, once you eat trigger foods it is hard to stop like your favorite type of food, it is hard to resist.

Put the fork down!- When you are full stop eating, your body feels full for a reason,( it means you cant eat anymore).

No soda and caffeine- Caffeine and soda are very unhealthy, try to stay away from them and drink vegetable or fruit smoothies instead.

Stay small- Eat small meals but make sure that it is enough to keep you going for the day.

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