Zeer Pot Project

By Joel, Jayul, Zach, Cooper and Parker

The variable our group changed was the amount of pots. By adding a third pot we predicted the more energy would be sucked from the centre pot.


In order to get the most accurate results we had to control every thing that we weren't changing.

1. The pots we used

2. Distance from fan

3. Amount of water

4. Temperature of water

5. The towel on the centre pot

6.  Amount of sand



Observations and Conclusion

- The temperature didn't get too much cooler but stayed more consistent at its lowest temperature.

- Water stayed wetter.


- We reused the pots and the the porous material was still wet.

- The temperature of the classroom was different.

- The cork leaked water

We solved the leaking problem by melting candle wax to cover the hole in the planter.

All other controls worked

Further Questions

If we add another groups variable that got their pots colder temperature to our variable (Three Pots)... Will the temperature be able to both be cold and stay consistent?

Thank You!!

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