Joe Matejka - Founder of Custom Fundraising Solutions

A successful entrepreneur with many years of experience in the fundraising sector, Joe Matejka currently serves as the founder and president of Custom Fundraising Solutions in Westlake, Ohio. As the organizational leader of Custom Fundraising Solutions, Joe Matejka developed the concept of the mattress fundraiser, which replaces traditional candy and chocolate sales with large-scale mattress sales at central locations. Over the past year alone, the mattress fundraising model has appeared in more than 1,200 schools across the United States. Organizations such as the Lakewood High School football team have raised thousands of dollars in support of their programs. Looking forward, Joe Matejka plans to introduce a new Custom Fundraising Solutions product line.

Mr. Matejka holds a bachelor of business administration in marketing from Ohio University in Athens. In his free time, he enjoys riding his bicycle, weight training in his local gym, and spending time with his wife and children.

Weight Training Extras

In 2005, Joe Matejka launched Custom Fundraising Solutions, the original mattress fundraiser, where he currently serves as president and CEO. When he has time away from his career, Joe Matejka enjoys weight training.

A popular form of exercise, weight training can be done with free weights, barbells, or the weight machines that are typically found at fitness centers or gyms. Weight training strengthens and tones muscles, and it can also help prevent age-related muscle loss. Though the equipment for this form of exercise is simple, some participants choose to use some extra items to enhance and support their performance.

1. Weightlifting Belt - A thick belt worn around the waist to support the core, abdominal, and lower back muscles while lifting.

2. Wrist wraps – Available in in different lengths, these wraps are used to support the wrist, adding greater stability during overhead lifts.

3. Lifting Straps - These allow a weightlifter to move weights more easily around the gym without exhausting his/her grip.

4. Chalk - Weightlifters use this powder keep their hands free from sweat while gripping onto barbells.

Fill This House Supports Young People

A bachelor of business administration graduate of Ohio University, Joe Matejka founded Custom Fundraising Solutions in 2005. He continues to lead the company as president and chief executive officer. Committed to helping young people in his local community, Joe Matejka donates beds to Fill this House, a local charitable organization that supports children aging out of foster care.

At age 18, most children in the foster system “age out,” meaning public assistance ends and they are required to support themselves. Fill This House aims to help young people who are living on their own or in independent living programs by providing them with household items such as small kitchen and bathroom appliances, dishes, towels, and cleaning supplies.

The organization also offers ongoing emotional support for teenagers during this phase. Providing teenagers with new household items can be an important part of the emancipation process, as it signifies a fresh start and can help them feel worthy and valued. In 2016, Fill This House helped 107 young people with the transition to independent living.

Ohio High School Wrestling Team Holds Mattress Fundraiser

The founder and president of Custom Fundraising Solutions in Westlake, Ohio, Joe Matejka originated the mattress fundraiser concept, which has been adopted nationwide by approximately 1,200 schools. At one of the schools, Westlake High School, the wrestling team used Joe Matejka’s mattress fundraiser for six straight years.

For their fundraiser, which had a goal of bringing in more than $4,000 for the team, the wrestlers turned the entire high school cafeteria into a massive showroom for sleep mattresses. The uniqueness of the event was not the only selling point, however, as the mattresses were priced as much as 60 percent off retail. The low prices reflected the absence of advertising and overhead expenses, and yet there was a full range of traditional showroom styles and models on offer.

Other incentives that boosted sales included a $50 coupon accessible on Facebook, which brought mattress prices even lower. The sales efforts also benefitted from a select number of students who wore an iconic “mattress suit” to promote the event.

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