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Throughout his legal career, attorney Joe Modlin has demonstrated a dedication to protecting individuals in vulnerable positions. Driven by this commitment, he has become a well-respected elder services and personal injury lawyer in McClellan, California. Joe Modlin offers a variety of attorney's services, including estate planning, Medicare Set-Aside Trusts, and Med-Cal benefits planning, each of which he targets toward protecting clients' carefully built assets.

To the same end, Mr. Modlin represents injured individuals in proceedings to recover due compensation. He has pursued client claims since the mid-1980s, when he opened his California practice. An active member of the Capital City Trial Lawyers Association (CCTLA), he maintains an unblemished record with the State Bar of California.

In his free time, Mr. Modlin most enjoys the company of his wife of 25 years, their four children, and their eight grandchildren. An enthusiastic fisherman and golfer, he passes his indoor hours reading or listening to country and western music. He counts The Adventures of Tom Sawyer as his favorite piece of literature.

Capitol City Trial Lawyers Association Membership

Leading a private practice for nearly three decades, Joe Modlin is a trial attorney in McClellan, California. Experienced in personal injury law, attorney Joe Modlin maintains membership with the Capitol City Trial Lawyers Association.

The Capitol City Trial Lawyers Association (CCTLA) was established in the 1950s. Since its inception, the association has served as a resource for continuing education and networking for trial attorneys in Northern California. A platform to share best practices and promote advocacy in the field of law, CCTLA is also a liaison to the court system.

Trial lawyers seeking admittance to the CCTLA can send a completed membership application to CCTLA, P.O. Box 541, Sacramento, CA 95812. With the exception of first-time members who are exempt from paying a fee during their inaugural year, membership is based on a professional’s years of practice. For members in their first five years of practice, the membership payment is $75 annually. Those with more than five years of experience pay $150 each year. A sustaining membership is also offered for $500, which gives members access to CCTLA events, including seminars, luncheons, and clinics. Paralegal law clerks may also seek admission and are required to pay a fee of $25 each year they maintain membership.

To be approved for CCTLA membership, legal professionals must not work for an insurance company or practice insurance defense. Furthermore, membership requires good standing with the State Bar of California.

Manhattan Beach City Temporarily Bans Pier Fishing

Attorney Joe Modlin currently sees clients through his private practice in Sacramento, California. When he’s not practicing as an attorney at law, Joe Modlin enjoys the sport of fishing.

Earlier in July 2014, Manhattan Beach City made the decision to temporarily ban pier fishing after a local swimmer was attacked by a great white shark that a fisherman had hooked and attempted to reel in for more than a half an hour. Originally the ban was expected to last from Saturday to Tuesday, but now it has been extended to a length of 60 days. During this fishing ban, officials will scour the area and study the incident in order to assess any future threats.

The well-known group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has spoken out and urged the city to make this ban permanent. Fishing in a populated area increases the chance of shark attacks, they argue; further, the group claims that many people who fish make a game of hooking and taunting sharks, which can rile up an animal who is otherwise uninterested in human prey.

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