John Church, Lawsuit Expert - A Better Approach to Client Services

Every attorney, and every firm, should work towards providing every client a superior level of service. The best way earn repeat business, to gain word-of-mouth referrals and to earn local credibility, says John Church, lawsuit expert, is by actively looking for ways to make each client feel special; to create an experience where the client always feels as if everything was done to protect and pursue their interests.

As a former attorney and firm owner, John Church, lawsuit expert worked towards making every client feel appreciated and satisfied for over 30 years, striving to provide attentive, active and effective legal services that best ensured successful outcomes. There are several behaviors, as he knows, that earn a firm the reputation for superior client service.


Every attorney, says John Church lawsuit expert, should do their best to be accessible and available to clients at all times. A system must always be in place to quickly and effectively address each client’s concern, questions and problems, whether that be by phone, email or in-person.

Know the Business

A law firm is just like any other business, in that it relies on the expertise, knowledge and experience of the owner and/or professionals-in-charge to survive. Not only must an attorney know the law, they must also know the business operation itself, as well as ways it can be improved and/or enhanced in order to make the client experience more satisfactory.

No Matter What, Find a Solution

The quickest way to lose a client, says Church, is to say no. Instead of telling the client there’s nothing you can do, work on developing a solution that either points the client in the right direction, or that gets the ball rolling on an answer.

John Church, lawsuit expert - A Successful Plan to Mediation

John Church Lawsuit

John Church, lawsuit expert, urges the importance of preparation and research both during and before the mediation process. Here are just a few tips every attorney should be considering before an upcoming mediation process.

According to John Church, lawsuit expert, an opening statement can make or break your case. This statement is the best opportunity for an attorney to lay out the structure and process to the mediator and the opposing counsel. By doing this, you establish your credibility and speak directly to the opposing counsel and party regarding your positions. This opportunity is the first step to displaying the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent’s case which can ultimately improve your arguments chance of a winning decision. The attorney's opening statement should be engaging, effective and impactful leaving no doubt while addressing the key contributing factors to the case.

It is also crucial to walk your client through each step of the mediation before and throughout the entire process. This process includes explaining the client’s role in the discussion and establishing your authority when it comes to negotiations. Setting up proper expectations can make all the difference in your client’s case and according to John Church, lawsuit expert, it is an essential part of any mediation.

Throughout numerous encounters, John Church, lawsuit expert, has established an extensive knowledge of the process involved in numerous mediations. In his entire career, he understands that the people involved in a strong opening statement can help you steer through a mediation without any snags for negative effect. The goal is to make sure you are prepared and focused to present your case.

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