John Motavalli

Day 1:

Today we started things off by taking a tour of the facility. When we returned, we played a few "ice-breaking" games. After that, we did an activity which consisted of building a lego or clay robot to give us an idea of what we could 3D print. We were given our journals. Then, we went home.

Day 2:

Today we were told that we were having a castle making competition. I personally love castles and have researched them many times. We were divided into 3 teams and we listened to the details of the contest. You are given cardboard boxes which you must use to create your castle. There are 3 categories to win an award; Realistic, Creative, and Durability. I personally put all my team's efforts into making this castle as durable as possible. All three teams won an award that day, My team's castle won the durability award, mission accomplished!

Day 3:

Today was my first day of using the 3D editing program known as tinkercad. I spent a lot of time going through the tutorials. What began as a challenge came easily after a short time. I made a lot of stuff, but I'm mostly proud of the WWII Panzer tank I made later in the day.

Panzer WWII Tank (picture 1 of 2)

Front view

Panzer WWII Tank (Picture 2 of 2)

Side view

Day 4:

Today we worked a little bit more with Tinkercad. I made a keychain with my name on it, and in my free time I made a castle. After that, we were told to create an account on It's a social media site with a lot of customization. So, I made my account, logged on, and customized my page. You can see pictures of my projects on Tinkercad on this page.


3D Printed Name Keychain


Day 5:

Today we watched an in-depth video on 3D printers, filaments, and models. Soon afterward, we were told that we were having a design contest. The theme was castles! As a kid I loved the medieval ages and read about it constantly. So I made a simple castle. It had walls, drawbridge, scaffold, towers, archer slits, and a ladder to climb onto the castle wall from the inside.  

Sand Castle

Day 6:

Today we started our independent projects. I'm making a custom board game. I decided to split the project into 3 steps; making the pieces, then the board, and finally the dice. I made my pieces, and I made 2 models and emblems for each side.

Custom Board Game Pieces

I uploaded this to thingiverse! You can download it here!

Day 7:

We've continued work on our individual projects. Today I created the board for the game to be played on. I also created flags for both sides, and turned this into a capture the flag strategy game. A new piece model, the commander piece has been added to each side.

Improved Board Game Pieces

Day 8:

We continued our work on our projects further today. I improved my board game pieces and made some custom dice! An hour after we started we went outside and played sprout tag for about an hour. Before lunch we had a fort building contest with cardboard boxes.

Day 9:

We are on the last steps of our individual projects. I made a flag for both sides of my board game, turning it into a capture the flag strategy game.

Battle of the Valley flags

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